Your Child and Respect March 18, 2013

        People automatically assume that children know things.  It is our job as the adult, whether you are a parent, family member, friend, teacher, neighbor, or caregiver to teach the children to be respectful towards one another.  The children of “NOW” are carrying an energy that is brighter and more vibrant.   Many of these children that are coming into this world, or are here now come in with an energy that is gentle, kind, compassionate, forgiving, and loving.  These children are here to change humanity as we know it.  Meanwhile, there are many other children out there that we must not forget about.

      Many children need others to remind them of why it is important to live from their heart, not their head.  The best way to teach a child to live from their heart and not their head, is demonstrating it.  Children pay attention to everything that we as adults do.   I feel the best way to do this is through your responses, not actions.  Also, taking the time to talk with your child even if that child is not yours.  When you witness a child being disrespectful to another child take the time to speak with them about your concerns.  Talk to them about what you saw and how it may have made the other child feel.  A lot of the indigo children have a sense of entitlement and think that the world revolves around them.   Help teach them to become more mindful of their thoughts, words, and actions.  Really take the time to talk to your child about the importance of tone of voice, body language, thoughts, words, and the energy that they can send to others.

     Today, while working with a group of children I noticed two little girl’s competing with on another.  I stopped what I was teaching the children and shifted the conversation onto them, and I made it a discussion about respecting each other.  Both the little girl’s asked what that meant.  Another little girl who was observing what they were doing said, to them, “it means you love one another and listen to what your friend has to say, “that means you do not hit your friend, or be mean to them”.  The two little girl’s then looked at one another and apologized to each other.  They then gave each other a hug.  For the rest of the class they made sure that each other was honored.  They were complimenting each other on the projects that they were making.  It was very sweet. 

        It is amazing when you take the time to talk with your child how fast they can pick up on what you are saying.  I then proceeded to talk to all the children about the importance of respecting themselves by being kind, gentle, forgiving, talk nicely to others about how you feel, not to push or say mean things to another person, and how important it is that we listen to our heart. 


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