Does Your Child See Things? March 17, 2013

Today’s guest speaker was Beth Jacobson, a host of Divine Goddess Radio. 

My partner who host’s the show with me, interviewed me- on my experience of seeing different things as a child.  I also spoke about the children and families that I work with and have worked with who saw things as well.  When I say “saw” things I am talking about “ghosts” (spirits), human/animal forms, things of other realms and realities. 

I talked of how a parent can help their child who sees things.  Sit and listen to them with no judgement.  I gave advice on different things to do for your child if they see things. 

I talked about my “I’m scared” of series of books that parents can use to help their child who sees, hears, feels, etc.  My first book “The Closet” talks about a little girl who experiences many events with  voices, spirits, and more with closets.  My book is written in a way not to scare your child.  It is about overcoming being fearful and accepting who you are.  A BRIGHT shining star!!!  If you would like to purchase my book contact me at 651-900-4136, or  Cost of book is $7.99 plus shipping and handling.


If you have any questions or comments please contact Beth or Marie by commenting on this blog, or email


Thank you for listening to our show:)   We both appreciate each and everyone of YOU for taking the time to connect with us each week:)  Please go onto our fb page and “like” us.  Type in Divinegoddessradio.


Sending you Love and remember you ARE a Bright shining star:)


My book





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